Bio Bistrò a Poschiavo



Our valley has taken the road of organic farming: could our restaurant not use local products to offer you organic dishes?

Innovative cuisine at Bio-Bistro Semadeni


Our Bio-Bistrò proposes a distinguishing cuisine featuring a strong innovative character that offers an unforgettable taste experience.


We use seasonal products of the Valposchiavo territory and from local farms in our dishes that are 100% organic: rye flour, buckwheat flour, wild herbs, milk, cheese and yogurt.


> Find out more about the 100% Valposchiavo project

Pizzoccheri (flat pasta) of Bio-Bistro Poschiavo


Eating in Valposchiavo also means savouring the typical tastes of the area and of the culinary tradition shared with the nearby Valtellina: pizzoccheri (type of flat pasta), capunet (typical cabbage rolls), sciatt (crispy fritters with melted cheese) and manfrigole (savoury crepes).


However, we also serve the best of regional and international cuisine: first courses, meat and fish.

The Bio-Square of Semadeni in Poschiavo


The true specialty of our Bistrò is its location: located in a historic building in the heart of Poschiavo, the restaurant offers guests a sensational terrace overlooking the town square, while savouring a delicious meal enjoying the view on the village life, and a second terrace for those seeking a bit of privacy.


Finally, our garden is ideal for aperitifs, appetisers and parties.

Valposchiavo offers local, organic products thanks to the project that aims to make it the first 100% Organic Alpine Smart Valley. The Bio-Bistrò Semadeni is proud to be a member of the 100% Valposchiavo Charta and of being among the 10 restaurants in the valley that are committed to include dishes in their menu that are cooked exclusively with ingredients produced and processed in our territory.


Find out more about the 100% Valposchiavo project