Territorio e Trenino Rosso del Bernina

The territory

A valley to discover

The territory is spread over just 25 km, enough to go from the vineyards of the valley floor to the peaks of the Bernina glacier, but it has a rich and varied nature and landscape: here to you Valposchiavo.

The Square of Poschiavo


While sitting at the tables on the terrace of the Bio-Bistrò Semadeni, overlooking the town square, you can easily sense all the charm of Poschiavo: the patrician palaces covered by slate slabs that surround the perimeter of the town’s centre are steeped in history, while the imposing contour of the San Vittore collegiate Church invokes a sort of sacral respect.


The rest of the town, impressively charming with its narrow streets and historical buildings perfectly preserved, develops all around.


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Products of the Poschiavo region


The territory’s food and wine specialties that refer to the 100% Valposchiavo project are many.

There are many organic dairies in the valley that produce cow and goat cheeses, including the renowned, tasty mountain pasture cheeses.

Lake Poschiavo is surrounded by flowering fields with the scents and colours of wild herbs that delight the senses: the cultivation of aromatic herbs and teas is a niche sector, but very important for local agriculture.


Valposchiavo features wineries of excellence that produce wines from local vineyards and especially those from the neighbouring Valtellina: the quality of the final products is proven by DOCG (controlled and warranted designations of origin) labelling.


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Swiss Mountains - Lake Bernina


Valposchiavo offers a magnificent natural setting to explore and admire. From the 429 meters of Italian borders to the 3,900 metres of height of Piz Palü, there are over 250 km of paths available for hikers and bikers.


Each valley offers breath-taking views and unspoilt environments: Val da Camp, with its alpine lakes, Val dal Saent with its wild nature, the Lake of Poschiavo with the Church of San Romerio that dominates the valley from above and much more.


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Natura incontaminata, borghi stupendi, opportunità di sport e divertimento in inverno e in estate. E un mezzo di trasporto unico al mondo, il Trenino Rosso della Ferrovia del Bernina, che è Patrimonio Unesco. La Valposchiavo, la valle più a sud di tutti i Grigioni, è una delle bellezze più pure dell’intera Svizzera.